Sunday, March 27, 2016

Atmospheric Art by Artist Faith Cuda

Artist Faith Cuda is drawn to what she refers to as “Atmospheric Art.”  Whether her subject matter is Earth, Sky or Water, her nonrepresentational paintings are pulling her into a journey of discovery.  Art Central Gallery proudly presents her newest exhibit of the same name during the month of April.
The emotional message of the artist is her interpretation of her composition through the size of the canvas, the design and always the color of her chosen palette.  Sometimes the work is more experimental, sometimes more representative, but always full of mystery and excitement.  “The triumph,” Faith says, “is always the use of light and the secret of creating form by its use.” 

For Faith, each painting is packed with things she has learned:  using colors in a pleasing or jarring way, using her brush or palette knife to make interesting marks, finding ways to infuse her work with the passion she feels for art.  “Now, if all of that sounds like a lot to learn and do in one painting, it is;” she says, “however, that’s the journey and the evolution to become a really good artist.  We are never too old to learn and to create and to chase the illusive.  This ‘atmospheric art’ involves me and inspires further experimentation.  The only thing missing on this journey is time to fully experience all of it!

“My display at Art Central Gallery on Short Central will be filled with this style of art which is my new and emerging identity as an artist. I hope you enjoy it!”

Meet the artist at a reception on Third Thursday, April 21st 5-8 p.m. and see more of her work at

Monday, March 7, 2016

Showing Our Green - group show March 2016

Yvonne Rousseau

During March—that month so full of green, from fresh spring growth to the beer on St. Patrick’s Day—Art Central Ltd. Gallery is celebrating all things green.  The artists present a group exhibit, “Showing Our Green,” depicting the many variations of this most special hue. 

    Green offers so many possibilities!  Of course, it all starts with yellow and blue, as we learned in kindergarten, but green can also can contain many other pigments.  The artist can adjust that basic mixture by adding purple, orange, red, white or black.  All of these variations exist in nature and make painting the Lowcountry’s lush green landscapes that much more fun. 

    The exhibit includes landscapes, floral designs, and still lifes in oils, watercolors, batiks and photography.  In some of the work, green is the main player; in others it takes a supporting role. But always it is an eye-catcher.  In this area so many plants keep their color through the cooler months.  Even though this winter has been particularly warm, it’s exciting to welcome a new season of growth.  One of the surest harbingers of the colors to come is the bright yellow-green that only appears in early spring.

    Celebrate the new season with the artists at a reception on Third Thursday, March 17, 2016 5-8 p. m. and see more green (and other exciting colors!) on their website,