Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Lavender Rhythms" by Alexandra Kassing featured March show

It’s Spring flowers for March as Art Central Gallery features “Lavender Rhythms” - works in oil by Alexandra Kassing.

The artist says “I am inspired by the amazing color and the rhythm of a lavender field – golden red and green earth contrasting with the shocks of purple flowers. Lavender is a very joyful and energetic flower whether growing wild or cultivated in a garden or on a farm.  My favorite view is lavender fields with dots of purple as far as the eye can see. For ‘Lavender Field with Poppy Notes’ I couldn’t resist having a few stray poppies with their burst of red among the sea of purple.”

Kassing’s work is a loose, Impressionist style with thick brushwork and visible daubs of paint. “For me a landscape is not only about color and light, but also about the unique rhythm of a place or scene. I view painting almost like a musical composition – with strong, bright notes in some passages and contrasting areas of more quiet repose. It is up to me as the artist to interpret this ‘song’,” Kassing says. “An inspiring scene enters through my eyes, touches my heart, is filtered through my soul and comes out through the fingertips with a paintbrush.”

“Lavender Rhythms” will be featured through March 31, 2014 at Art Central Gallery at 130 Central Avenue, Summerville, SC. Meet the artist at the Third Thursday reception, March 20, 2014, 5-8pm!