Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Windows & Window Boxes" by Delaine Walters featured show for January 2014

Art Central artist, Delaine Walters, loves lace!  And that is 
what inspired her new exhibit, "Windows and Window Boxes".  
During a recent trip to France, Walters kept noticing little details 
that made the buildings into homes:  the welcoming pot of flowers 
by the front stoop, the window box dripping with blossoms, the 
combination of old and new materials on buildings, and of course, 
the lace curtains moving with the breeze.  The hard, cold stone of 
the architecture, she says, makes the soft, transparent lace even 
more gorgeous.
Walters says, “The lace talks to me.  I can just imagine myself as 
a Victorian lady, surrounded by lace in clothing and scarves, on 
tables and windows.”  She even has jewelry made from lace.  
Here painting, "Lace Window", is an image the artist 
found in a small French town called Minerve, which was voted the 
most beautiful town in France.  Other paintings in the exhibit are 
impressions of many such windows the artist encountered on her 
travels.  Some of the canvases even have bits of lace from France 
and from her great-grandmother’s collection collaged onto the 

One of the paintings, a batik called "Charleston Window 
Box", is of a window in downtown Charleston.  Many sights in 
Charleston may bring old Europe to mind; certainly one of them is 
a window box spilling blossoms and soft lace curtains.

See Delaine Walters’ exhibit during the month of January at Art 
Central and meet the artist at the Third Thursday reception 
January 16th 5-8pm!