Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"The Deep Blue Sea" - oil paintings by artist Christine Crosby

featured February 2016 show

Art Central Gallery is proud to feature Christie Crosby’s exhibit of oil paintings entitled “The Deep Blue Sea” during the month of February 2016.  These paintings represent some of her favorite images of the sea and the land next to it.

As a Lowcountry native, Christie grew up on the water.  Fishing has been a life-long love for her and her family.  Even though catch-and-release is Christie’s preferred method, she does enjoy eating some of her catch as well.

The image “Roundup” depicts one of the most challenging catches a deep-sea fisherman can make.  It is a long and tiring ordeal.  That’s why the reference photos for this painting came from the successful catch her brother made in a fishing tournament.  He was happy to show off his hard work for the camera.  After gathering reference photos and sketches, the artist paints her marine life subjects in their natural environment.  Much as Christie loves fishing, her paintings are not about that—her work is about the natural world she loves.

Most of the artist’s subject matter includes the land and water she grew up exploring, and her devotion for the Lowcountry is evident in her work.

“The Deep Blue Sea” will be on exhibit until the end of February 2016.  Meet the artist at a reception on Third Thursday, Feb. 18th 5-8pm and learn more about her work at www.artcgalleryltd.com