Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nature's Colors - new jewelry designs by Judy Jacobs

Featured July 2015 at Art Central Gallery www.artcgalleryltd.com

Design by Judy Jacobs inspired by a pileated woodpecker.

Art Central is proud to feature new designs by jeweler Judy Jacobs.  “I’m inspired by nature, especially birds,” says Jacobs.  She is thrilled by the variety of color combinations and shapes in leaves, wings and other details of Creation. “If you look closely at the colors I use, you can almost identify the bird. Iridescent hummingbirds, red, black and white from our variety of woodpeckers, exotic birds from the Far East and South America,” she explains. “The one exception is the use of green; those tones I pick from forest ferns.”
Jacobs set her sights on global exploration early in life. First with the Red Cross and then as a military spouse, she has lived in numerous Far Eastern and Middle Eastern countries, as well as the South Pacific where her love of design with natural stones and semi-precious materials flourished.

Along the way, the artist’s love of nature, from stones formed deep in the earth to living creatures, matured into one expression through jewelry.  Jacobs’ new work includes a necklace with light green chrysophase stones and a hand-blown glass pendant which is inspired by a fern.

 Another necklace includes an intricate Tibetan pendant with coral and lapis lazuli.  This beautiful pendant brings to the artist’s mind one of the many parrots that lives in the rain forest.

See Judy Jacobs’ newest work at Art Central Gallery during the month of July, and meet the artists at Third Thursday, July 16, 2015 5-8pm .  More information is available at www.artcgalleryltd.com .

Monday, June 1, 2015

"It's A Swamp Thing" paintings by Renee Bruce

Featured June 2015 show at Art Central Gallery:

What does your mind conjure up when you hear the word swamp?  A dark, scary place where danger lurks at every turn?  Perhaps that is the case in the movies, but for local artist, Renee Bruce, the swamp is anything but scary.  It is full of light, color and pattern.

Bruce’s newest watercolor paintings will be on exhibit at Art Central Gallery during the month of June.  “These works depict the first stirrings of spring in the swamp,” says the artist, “a time of anticipation and bright, fresh colors.”  The lily of the valley is a sure harbinger of warmer weather to come, and “The Duck Box” is well-used but ready for another season.  These paintings show the swamp to be a busy, colorful yet peaceful place.

Renee used a synthetic paper called "Yupo" for this latest work.  The translucent version allows the artist to apply paint to both sides of the paper which gives the painting a lovely glow and color intensity.

Visit Art Central Gallery to see this collection, “It’s a Swamp Thing,” Monday-Saturday, 10-5, and meet the artist at the Third Thursday reception, June 18, 2015 5-8pm.

For more of the artist's work, visit the gallery website: http://www.artcgalleryltd.com/index.html

"Lowcountry Blooms" by Alexandra Kassing

Featured May 2015 show at Art Central Gallery:

“Lowcountry Blooms,” paintings by artist Alexandra Kassing, is the featured May 2015 show at Art Central Gallery in Summerville. “I am inspired each year by the colors of the Spring, as a flurry of new growth and blooms seems to fill almost every part of our lush lowcountry landscape,” said Kassing. “Besides the floral display, there seems to be a myriad of different shades of green.”
The show features familiar local scenes - such as palette knife oil sketches of various scenes around Summerville, majestic oaks, and even Summerville past in “The Pine Forest Inn” - a contemporary acrylic painting of the now disappeared landmark.
Images of azaleas feature prominently in the show, such as in “Azalea on the Ashley” pictured here. “Yes, there are a lot of azalea in this series,” laughs Kassing, “they are our Summerville flower for a reason! They never fail to inspire when they put on their yearly show.”
“Lowcountry Blooms” will be featured May 1-31, 2015 at Art Central. Meet the artist at the Third Thursday reception May 21 5-8 p.m.

For more of the artist's work visit the gallery website: http://www.artcgalleryltd.com/AlexandraKassing.html
or the artist's website: www.alexandrakassing.com