Friday, February 3, 2012


It's a New Year! Time to set new Resolutions and time to Renew, Refresh and Redecorate our spaces!

A New Year gives us a chance to start fresh! Now that we've made those personal Resolutions, it's time to look at our personal spaces. First thing to do is to Reevaluate and Reorganize. It is amazing how much positive energy can be found in a well-organized room! Find beautiful ways to store things and donate the excess to a local charity. What a boost for your home and your soul!

Next comes the fun part -- Redecorate! This doesn't have to be an expensive renovation. Something as simple as a new piece of art and a few colorful pillows can be just the thing!

But if you are looking for a more extensive re-do, why not pick a color that really speaks to you and go for it! After all, it's just a few cans of paint and an afternoon, right? One way to find colors that really work together is to find an object you LOVE - a piece of art (like a painting) or a decorative object (like a rug). Use one of the colors found there as your "main" color, and the others as "accent" colors. Paint your walls with your "main" color and add beautiful accents of the other coordinating colors in decorative touches throughout the room. Did you know your local hardware store can usually match a color from almost any item you bring in?

So, go get started on that New Year's redecoration project! And if a new piece of art is in your future, our artists are on site to assist you with coordinating pieces and choosing just the right colors to help make your space a true work of art!

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