Monday, November 2, 2015

Window to the World—New watercolors by Jan Dalton

Featured November 2015 show at Art Central Gallery

Jan Dalton’s watercolor paintings of windows and the views they hold are on display at Art Central Gallery during the month of November.  The artist believes that a window is more entertaining than TV.   Just ask any dog watching out for a friend or foe.  In the image here, Jan’s dog, Roxanne, is captivated by her surroundings.  

Jan says, “Often times when I walk past a window it offers new journeys to explore.  The reflections fascinate me with awesome colors, shapes and visions.  Sometimes I get lost imagining what unfamiliar territory lays beyond the window pane.  I have to ask myself, do I dare enter, do I dare stay out?  Maybe I should do both.”

These paintings explore the sun shining its golden rays through the glass bringing inspirations from a forgotten summer, a fragrance, memories of loved ones and days of the past. When Jan glances through a window, nature will call her out to the garden or send a shiver of the cold winter’s night.   All are images for another a new painting.

Explore these windows and the worlds they portray during the month of November 2015 at Art Central, Monday-Saturday 10-5, late Thursdays until 8pm.  

Meet the artist on Third Thursday, Nov.19, 2015 5-8pm or see more of her work at