Monday, August 15, 2016

Reflections - Renee Bruce

Quiet water is a magnificent thing.  From one angle, you can look deeply into the water to see what lives and moves there.  From another angle, you can see the reflection of what is above the water.  Those reflections have small differences from what is above, such as color, shape, angles but the mirror image is there.

Artist Renee Bruce has been noticing these small differences and recording them with paint on canvas.  Her new exhibit, “Reflections”, will be on display through Aug. 31, 2016 at Art Central Gallery in Summerville, South Carolina

On a recent visit to Buffalo Lake in Summerville,  the morning rain storm is clearing and the sun begins to peek through the clouds.  The artist is enchanted by the clouds, which appear to be floating in the sky.  Bruce says, “On second glance, I notice the water.  The very still surface is a magnificent mirror.  The clouds are beautiful enough when you see them in the sky, but in the reflection, they are mesmerizing.”

At Beidler Forest, leaning over the rail of the dock to peer into the water—what captures the eye? “The sky!  The water is so still that it is a perfect, if skewed, mirror.  The trees appear to be leaning over my shoulder as though we are all gazing into a deep well.”

Visit Art Central Gallery to see what has been commanding Renee Bruce’s attention.  And be sure to notice clouds for yourself!“Reflections” will be featured through the month of August, with a reception for the artist on Third Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016, 5-8 pm. For more about the artist visit:



Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Fields and Valleys" by artist Alexandra Kassing

Art Central Gallery features the work of artist Alexandra Kassing in July 2016 with her show "Fields and Valleys".  The landscape exhibit features colorful images of flowing fields and valleys overlooked by majestic mountains.

"There is something about the rhythm and energy of an open field that continues to inspire me," says Kassing. "When I paint these scenes, I am trying to capture just a fleeting moment of nature's song."

Many of the works were completed on site "en plein air" to catch the immediate impression of the landscape. For these, Kassing works with quick, lively brushstrokes or palette knife to convey the energy of the scene.

Several of the paintings were done at her grandparents' Kansas farm where the artist first learned to paint. "My grandmother was a Kansas landscape painter and was my first serious art teacher. Working in her studio and in the wheat fields near her home, I felt her inspiration," said Kassing.

"Fields and Valleys" will be featured July 8-31st, 2016 at Art Central Gallery, 130 Central Ave., Summerville, South Carolina. The public is invited to a reception with the artist on Third Thursday, July 21, 2016 5-8pm. For more information visit: 

Step Back in Time with artist Delaine Walters

Step Back Into Time with Delaine Walters’ Newest Paintings

Art Central Gallery presents Delaine Walters as the June 2016 Artist of the Month, with "A Step Back Into Time".  Her inspiration for these new paintings comes from artists no longer with us, such as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and John William Waterhouse.  The old masters’ art holds a fascination and mystery for Delaine.  The more she studied each master artist’s works the more she wanted to paint them.

Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, “Starry Night,” was #1 on the list, and the artist began by making swirls of rice paper in the shapes of clouds and sun.  For the branches of the almond tree in bloom, Delaine used impasto to emboss the flowers.  The artist says, “This could be my little town, small, unique, quiet, peaceful. It just makes me feel good.”

Delaine’s skillful re-imagining of John William Waterhouse’s painting, “The Lady of Shallotte”, 1895, will have to be seen to be believed.

STEP BACK INTO TIME and re-visit some classic images from art history with a contemporary twist.  An artist’s reception will be held on Third Thursday, June 16, 2016 5-8 pm.  More information about Delaine Walters’ work is at

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Let's Go to the Beach" photography show by June Sullivan

"LET’S GO TO THE BEACH!"   -  A Collection from Photographer June Sullivan

"I have always felt that people who live an extended period of time in close proximity to a beach are never quite happy if they have to move to a more landlocked place, no matter how interesting or beautiful the area," says photographer June Sullivan

Such is the hold the beach has on local photographer June Sullivan.  And her exhibit at Art Central Gallery during May celebrates that love of place, that “something that seeps into the heart and mind and beckons to the soul.” 

Sullivan has included some of her favorite images of the beach in this exhibit.  She says, “deciding which photographs to display has been difficult because the beach offers so much.  I hope to take those who see the exhibit on a journey of at least one favorite memory.  Everyone in lowcountry South Carolina has a favorite beach, pier, boardwalk, or shell collection that I believe will connect them to my photographs and hopefully bring a smile as we all anticipate the arrival of summer.”

Stop by Art Central Gallery, Summerville, SC during the month of May to see which photograph brings to mind a beach memory, and meet the artist at a reception on Third Thursday, May 19, 2016 5-8pm.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Atmospheric Art by Artist Faith Cuda

Artist Faith Cuda is drawn to what she refers to as “Atmospheric Art.”  Whether her subject matter is Earth, Sky or Water, her nonrepresentational paintings are pulling her into a journey of discovery.  Art Central Gallery proudly presents her newest exhibit of the same name during the month of April.
The emotional message of the artist is her interpretation of her composition through the size of the canvas, the design and always the color of her chosen palette.  Sometimes the work is more experimental, sometimes more representative, but always full of mystery and excitement.  “The triumph,” Faith says, “is always the use of light and the secret of creating form by its use.” 

For Faith, each painting is packed with things she has learned:  using colors in a pleasing or jarring way, using her brush or palette knife to make interesting marks, finding ways to infuse her work with the passion she feels for art.  “Now, if all of that sounds like a lot to learn and do in one painting, it is;” she says, “however, that’s the journey and the evolution to become a really good artist.  We are never too old to learn and to create and to chase the illusive.  This ‘atmospheric art’ involves me and inspires further experimentation.  The only thing missing on this journey is time to fully experience all of it!

“My display at Art Central Gallery on Short Central will be filled with this style of art which is my new and emerging identity as an artist. I hope you enjoy it!”

Meet the artist at a reception on Third Thursday, April 21st 5-8 p.m. and see more of her work at

Monday, March 7, 2016

Showing Our Green - group show March 2016

Yvonne Rousseau

During March—that month so full of green, from fresh spring growth to the beer on St. Patrick’s Day—Art Central Ltd. Gallery is celebrating all things green.  The artists present a group exhibit, “Showing Our Green,” depicting the many variations of this most special hue. 

    Green offers so many possibilities!  Of course, it all starts with yellow and blue, as we learned in kindergarten, but green can also can contain many other pigments.  The artist can adjust that basic mixture by adding purple, orange, red, white or black.  All of these variations exist in nature and make painting the Lowcountry’s lush green landscapes that much more fun. 

    The exhibit includes landscapes, floral designs, and still lifes in oils, watercolors, batiks and photography.  In some of the work, green is the main player; in others it takes a supporting role. But always it is an eye-catcher.  In this area so many plants keep their color through the cooler months.  Even though this winter has been particularly warm, it’s exciting to welcome a new season of growth.  One of the surest harbingers of the colors to come is the bright yellow-green that only appears in early spring.

    Celebrate the new season with the artists at a reception on Third Thursday, March 17, 2016 5-8 p. m. and see more green (and other exciting colors!) on their website,