Monday, January 5, 2015

An Artist’s Life

A Retrospective of the Work of Detta Cutting Zimmerman, 1945-2014

Art Central Gallery is celebrating the talents of a colleague, Detta Cutting Zimmerman, with an exhibit of her art during the month of January 2015.  

The earliest work is a drawing from her art school portfolio, a fashionable young lady in a pink suit.  The latest work is much the same subject matter but with a thoroughly modern twist; it is a painting of bikini-clad girls sunbathing on Folly Beach.  Detta loved to paint the beach and people having fun in the sun.

In her early career, Detta devoted many years to detailed ink drawings of people and historical buildings.  She continued to draw many local scenes upon moving with her family to the Low Country from her native Nebraska.

Then, she turned her attention to painting.  First in oils and then in acrylics, she painted her surroundings with a keen eye for color and composition and a real love for her subject matter.

In particular, Detta enjoyed arranging and painting flowers and vegetables grown in her own backyard.  A classic ‘Detta’ still life includes a vase of flowers, her linen cloths and her stool set up on the porch with the yard stretching out to the fence.  She loved a challenge and sometimes would include many patterns and objects just to see that she could capture it all in one unique composition.

Art Central Gallery is pleased that Detta’s work will still be available, both original works and reproductions, thanks to her husband, Delbert Zimmerman.  “An Artist’s Life” will hang until the end of January 2015.  Meet the artist’s husband and friends at Third Thursday, January 15, 2015 5-8pm, and see more of her work at